• How large is the theater?
    This is one of the largest digital projection theaters in the state. It has a massive screen, a balcony, and over 400 seats. We hope to fill it.

  • Are the films kid friendly?
    The majority of our films are PG or PG-13 with some cursing and mild violence. The last film "Letters to Penthouse" is R rated for language, but there will be a break between films and anyone who wishes may skip this film.

  • What is the raffle?
    We will be raffling off a part in one of our upcoming films. Tickets are $5 and everyone is eligible to enter.

  • What will you do with the money from this show?
    Any money collected will go towards future film costs, including: equipment, festival fees, or even food (we are famous for feeding our cast and crew well).

  • I've worked on one of your films; do I have to pay to attend?
    If your name appears in any of our credits, you are an honored guest and you do not have to pay to attend.

  • Who can attend the post party?
    Everyone is welcome to attend. Grasshopper off the Green is located one block away from the theater and has drinks and a full lunch menu.