11/20/10 ~ The east coast premiere of "Branches" is at Penn Cinema in Lancaster County, PA.

10/10/10 ~ The wrap party for "Branches" is at NJ Film School.

09/15/10 ~ "Branches" is complete. Stills have been posted and the film has been sent off to festivals.

02/27/10 ~ "Facade", our latest silent film, was created for DVXFest and Music in the Dark 2010.

02/14/10 ~ "Branches" was shot over three days at Crystal Springs Tree Farm in the Poconos.

01/18/10 ~ After 1,800 submissions and 24 private auditions, we have our cast for "Branches".

01/16/10 ~ "Branches" auditions will be held on January 16th.

01/01/10 ~ Daniel Stern will be The Narrator in "Branches".

10/18/09 ~ "Branches" will be shot this winter and released in time for the 2010 holiday season.

08/02/09 ~ "One Saved Message" will be showing at the "Morristown Green Film Festival" in New Jersey on Tuesday, August 11th.

05/14/09 ~ "One Saved Message" will be showing at the "Movies in May Film Festival" in New Jersey on Thursday, May 14th.

05/13/09 ~ "Letters to Penthouse" will be showing at the "Movies in May Film Festival" in New Jersey on Wednesday, May 13th.

04/01/09 ~ NJ Film School, offering filmmaking classes for all ages, opens in New Jersey.

03/18/09 ~ "One Saved Message" came in 12th place in the DVXuser LossFest film festival.

02/12/09 ~ Herman Witkam's first album "Short Film Scores" includes the music from "Shadows of the Evening".

01/24/09 ~ "Letters to Penthouse" will be showing at the "Love Actually II" film festival in NYC on Saturday, February 14th. This will be a Valentine evening of 8 short films about love, sex, and romance.

01/23/09 ~ Off Stage Films is on Facebook. You can become a fan and learn more about us, our productions, behind the scene photos, upcoming auditions, and even chat with our cast and crew.

01/22/09 ~ We met so many wonderful actresses at auditions and we are excited to announce our cast, Nadja Hoyer-Booth and Kelly Reilly.

01/06/09 ~ On January 22 we are holding open auditions for "One Saved Message"; shooting will be on January 31.

10/08/08 ~ Our web site has been updated and you can now view our first twelve films online. Our latest film, "Letters to Penthouse"; will be showing at film festivals around the country.

09/06/08 ~ "Off Stage Films is proud to announce our first retrospective show featuring all 13 of our films, including the premiere of, "Letters to Penthouse".

Saturday, September 6th
10:00am to 12:00pm
Morristown Clearview Cinema
$10 Admission

Click here for more information.

05/09/08 ~ "Nine Years Old" came in third place and won four awards in the NYC Film Race 2008 including: Best Writing, Best Sound Design, and the audience award for Best Picture.

03/29/08 ~ "Nine Years Old" was created in 24 hours for the NYC Film Race 2008.

02/04/08 ~ "Into the Dark" won Honorable Mention in the 2007 Film Racing Grand Prix.

11/03/07 ~ "Into the Dark" was created in 100 hours for the 2007 Film Racing Grand Prix.

09/30/07 ~ Begin pre-production on our awarding winning script "Letters to Penthouse" featuring Brad Standley and Nova Mejia.

07/23/07 ~ On August 11 and 12, Off Stage Films is holding Auditions to meet new actors and actresses to add to our company and work with in our upcoming productions.

05/17/07 ~ "Fortunes of War" came in third place and won two awards, Best Cinematography and Best Leading Actress, in the NYC Film Race 2007.

04/07/07 ~ "Fortunes of War" was created in 12 hours for the NYC Film Race 2007.

01/10/07 ~ "Shadows of the Evening" came in second place and won six awards in the Movie Making Madness 2006 competition including: Best Actress, Best Writing, Best Score, and the Audience Award for Best Picture.

01/01/07 ~ It all starts with a story. We've launched our sister site,, celebrating the beauty and economy of language in short scripts.

11/18/06 ~ Off Stage Films is competing in Movie Making Madness 2006. Our team was assigned a genre (drama), a subject (debt), and given two weeks to create, "Shadows of the Evening".

10/06/06 ~ "Lost and Found" wins 2nd Place in the "Audience Award for Best Film" as well as the much coveted award for "Best Slap".

09/30/06 ~ "Lost and Found" was created in 12 hours as part of the NYC Film Race 2006.

09/12/06 ~ "Night Music" wins 5th place in the first round of the Screenwriter's Challenge 2006.

07/29/06 ~ The Screenwriter's Challenge 2006 divided 441 screenwriters into 24 heats and randomly assigned each a genre (drama) and subject (musician). We were given one week to write, "Night Music".

05/13/06 ~ "The Riverbank" was created in 24 hours as part of the NYC Midnight Run 2006.

04/12/06 ~ Principal photography is complete on "A Toaster in Space". Now begins the detailed post production work of color correction, sound mix, and special effects.

03/21/06 ~ Chris Messineo created "The Photographer" for composer Michael Whalen and the Music in the Dark IV film festival in NYC on April 5.

03/06/06 ~ After 1,200 headshots and 30 private auditions, Clare Stevenson has been cast as "Sarah". Clare joins Rick Delaney and Jean Kuras to complete this talented cast.

02/03/06 ~ On March 4, Off Stage Films is casting for Sarah, the female lead in "A Toaster in Space".

01/09/06 ~ "Brain Storm" won three awards in the Movie Making Madness 2005 competition; Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design, and the Audience Award for Best Picture.

11/21/05 ~ Off Stage Films is competing in Movie Making Madness 2005. Our team was assigned a genre (comedy), a subject (a pick-up artist), and given two weeks to create, "Brain Storm".

11/01/05 ~ We have official posters for "The Bad Cat" and "The Hunter". A limited edition DVD containing both films has been created in time for the holidays.

10/01/05 ~ "The Aggie" is listed on IMDB (The Internet Movie Database).

09/03/05 ~ In the finals of the Screenwriter's Challenge 2005, we are assigned a genre (fantasy), a subject (steps), and given 24 hours to write, "The Curse".

09/01/05 ~ "A Toaster in Space" wins the first round of the Screenwriter's Challenge 2005. We are now in preproduction on this award winning short.

08/01/05 ~ The Screenwriter's Challenge 2005 divided 336 screenwriters into twenty heats and randomly assigned each a genre (sci-fi) and a subject (a blind date). We were given one week to write, "A Toaster in Space".

05/22/05 ~ "The Piggy Bank" wins 5th place in the NYC Midnight Run 2005 24 hour film competition.

05/19/05 ~ "The Piggy Bank" has advanced to the finals of the NYC Midnight Run 2005 and will be playing in NYC on May 22.

05/14/05 ~ Off Stage Films is competing in the NYC Midnight Run 2005. Over 50 teams are in competition to write, film, edit, and score their movie (all based on the same theme) within a 24 hours.

05/07/05 ~ "The Aggie" appeared at Arlene's Grocery Picture Show an international film festival held each year in NYC.

04/01/05 ~ Development begins on our third production, "The Hunter". This silent film will be featured in the Music in the Dark III film festival in NYC on May 18.

04/01/05 ~ A screenplay reading was held for our first feature film "Amongst the Savages". We are currently in development on this ambitious project.

11/13/04 ~ The Premiere of "The Aggie" and "The Bad Cat" was held today at The Berkely Heights Cinema in New Jersey. The theater was packed with over 300 people in attendance.

10/01/04 ~ Development begins on our second production, "The Bad Cat". This silent film will be featured in The Music in the Dark II film festival in NYC.

09/01/04 ~ Peter Petropoulakos joins Off Stage Films. Peter, our amazing graphic designer, has officially joined OSF and brings his tremendous design and filmmaking experience.

05/29/04 ~ It's a wrap. Principal photography is completed on "The Aggie."

02/09/04 ~ Michael Whalen, Emmy Award winning composer, will compose the score for "The Aggie."

01/18/04 ~ Development begins on our first production, "The Aggie".

> 12/19/03 ~ Off Stage Films is started by Chris Messineo, Chris Furlong, Tamara Nedjar, and Ricardo Pino.
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